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Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes

by Polywater
Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes

Principle Application

Polywater Multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes effectively clean semiconducting cable shield, corrosion inhibiting compound, silicone greases, filling gels, transformer oils and many other contaminants found in electrical construction and maintenance. It evaporates with no residue and is non-conductive.

Type HP™ Cleaner replaces ozone-depleting CFC’s, trichloroethane and other carcinogenic chlorinated solvents meaning that it lasts longer than fast evaporating solvents and is compatible with most materials and plastics, including polycarbonate.

Product Benefits:

  • Excellent Solvency
  • No Residue
  • Non-Conductive
  • Contains No Chlorinated Solvents
  • Compatible with Most Plastics and Rubbers
  • Multiple Package Options